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April 12, 2017 admin
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Spring has sprung in the UK this year and we have been lucky enough to have had some beautiful days full of sunshine! This is the time of year when we take the big plunge and step outside into the garden, or if we are feeling brave enough….start the dreaded ‘Spring clean’! For many of us, this is met with a great sense of productiveness and we crack on. However, after all those hours of work and dusting, we are still left with the same old pieces of furniture that we’ve had for god knows how many years and it can be a bit of a come down! Now is the time to upgrade your home, with fresh new additions of furniture to give your living areas, or bedrooms the lift they deserve. Scandi homeware is a clean cut, elegant and simplistic style which is made for Spring, it is so beautifully designed that it will last a life time and is easy to convert into cosy Autumn/Winter, when it (begrudgingly) arrives. Here are my top 5 furniture items for Spring 2017…


The Nest Sofa – Turquoise

Firstly, I must introduce you to the mighty company that is Design House Stockholm. They are at the forefront of design in Scandinavia and lead the way in many areas of home interior. My ?rst selection is one of their new designs, the Nest Sofa.

Although described as turquoise, the muted, pastel blue is actually not turquoise at all. We love the colour of this sofa, and it is perfect for the Spring/Summer 2017 trends. Complimented easily by neutral decoration, with no need to accessorise. The absence of cushions creates a focus on the shape and pro?le of the sofa, and the detailed stitching. It is a piece of art which has no desire to be cluttered with soft furnishings….making it all the easier for you! As it comes into Autumn/Winter however, add a sheepskin over the side, or a beautiful wool blanket and it will immediately transform the Nest into a cosy winter haven. The design of the Nest sofa is simple, uncomplicated and is slightly higher. Avoiding the awkward struggle to get up from those ‘stylishly low’ sofas, but still looking the part, if not better! There is also a matching chair for this sofa if you wanted to have a set…and if this shade isn’t what you are looking for, it also comes in grey, pale pink and sand.

Designed by Jesper Ståhl, the Nest Sofa was designed ‘with an inviting corner that one can creep up in, almost like a bird in a nest’. Thanks to its details, Nest has become a visually lighter item of furniture. With its strong pine frame, its upholstery that can sustain more than 100,000 on the Martindale rubbing test (where 35,000 Martindale is considered fully adequate for use in public spaces) and its generous height above the ?oor making it easy to vacuum clean, it is clearly well designed in the full sense of the word….and perfect for your spring clean!!


Tablo Tableimg49

We all need a good declutter this spring time. It is scienti?cally proven that a tidy, clutter free home improves your mental state too…as well as looking a million times better of course! This means we need to strip those coffee tables of unnecessary tat, and create a fresh faced surface where you can display a plant, or keep free for your coffee when you sit down. The Tablo is the perfect piece for this, with its clean cut edges, and natural tones. The tray comes separately to the base, and there are also two different heights to chose from. Having one of each can create a really interesting display. Tablo tray table has a high rim to prevent things from slipping off, keeping that glass of wine in the evening safe and sound. We love this furniture for many reasons, but mainly, it looks fabulous, is high quality and is made of certi?ed teak which has either been lacquered or oiled. Design House Stockholm are a really great company with amazing products which are timeless pieces and will last you a life time.

These tables are so flexible in their use and practicality, as it can be a side table, coffee table, collection of tables, or just a table to display your favourite plant or home accessory.


img58Extend Shelving Unit

This magni?cent design piece is de?nitely in the top 5 for 2017 for solo many reasons! Available in White, Oak and Ash, this shelving unit is key for your home storage. Going back to what I was saying earlier about decluttering your home, this is ideal for making you home look reenergised with organisation and attractive storage. It is essential to have somewhere for your favourite things to be stored, and a shelving unit can sometimes be a bit ugly or intrusive in your home. The extend adds the illusion of space as you can see straight through it, and the different sized shelves and ever changing width sparks interest that no other shelving unit would. The other magical point on this piece of furniture, is that it can double up to be a room divider, if you have open space or an open plan room, you are able to extend the shelving easily to create the feeling of two separate spaces, without closing off a room or cutting out any light. A sculpture for keeping things in, or displaying items on. A shelving unit that can equally well be placed in the middle of a room or against a wall. The width can be adapted to suit one’s needs as well as the space available. Matz Borgström’s shelving unit consist of two identical sections that can be pushed together or moved apart to alter their length. The sandwich construction of the shelves makes them rigid but light. Again, another cracking item from Design House Stockholm, that will bring so much character and charm to your home. As you can see in the image above, it looks great with just three vases on it so its a de?nite must, for making your home a calm and happy place to be.

Torso Chairimg65

If you are struggling to ?nd yourself some modern, quality, unique dining furniture, here is your answer! The Torso Chair is a beautiful combination of leather and steel framework which creates a notable dynamic. A design piece by Lisa Hilland, the Torso chair was inspired by a love of furniture and fashion. The Torso chair is a mixture of both and the outcome is fabulous! The back of the chair is designed to be a bit like a corset, with the leather straps coming around to a buckle, which is such a great idea, which I have never seen before. These chairs would be a real talking point with guests at dinner! The Torso Chair is mainly on my top 5 list because they are so different, in a good way! It is not a design that would go out of fashion, and being made in Sweden, they certainly wouldn’t need replacing due to wear and tear for a very long time. I think it is a brilliant idea to mix the colours like in the image above, it really draws your eye to the leather detail. Spring is all about feeling good, shaking off the cobwebs and looking forward to the sunshine and excitement that the rest of your year has entail. The Torso chair makes me feel good, and if I had these in my dining room, I would be very happy! Out with the old and in with the Torso!


Björk Stool

An easy addition to your living space, a stool which is versatile, attractive and practical too! Björk translates to birch in Swedish, and the weft wool replicates the texture and colours in the Birch tree. A stylish footstool, additional chair, or even somewhere to place a decorative piece, the Björk stool is a must this Spring. I am a real believer in good quality manufacturing and materials, and that is another reason why the Björk collection is so special, as it is 100%weft in wool, warp in 100% cotton and the handles are 100% leather. Wool is known not only for its softness, but also for its built-in resistance to soiling thanks to its natural oils. Björk is woven by hand and as such is a piece of craft and therefore the appearance can differ from product to product. The whiteness of the wool yarns can also differ depending on what time of year the sheep are sheared.
In conclusion….spring time is about new life and fresh starts, so dust and sweep away those pieces of furniture you’ve never really liked and start again, these ?ve are a great place to start! Your home will be a happy place to be and you will ?nd yourself not wanting to go out because nowhere else is as nice! When you make your home somewhere you can relax, you will appreciate the extra time and money you spent to get it that way. Scandinavian’s are a wonderful example to follow, as their homes are always so liveable, practical but stylish and elegant. A zen.

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