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Norman Ceiling Light

Norman Ceiling Light


Norman Ceiling Light is a beautifully designed lamp, with angular edges and a quality finish. A Scandinavian style lighting feature which hangs in your home and simply looks fabulous!

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Norman Ceiling Light is a beautifully designed light that is designed to hang in a room and become a stylish Scandinavian focus. Depending on the strength of the bulb you use, it creates a beautiful pattern on the surrounding walls. It is a contemporary design,  and adds style and Scandinavian elegance to your home.  The clean angular lines and patterns which Norman encompasses can be transferred into any room with ease, and will shed a new light on your home.

Lighting can be very important when creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere in your home. It is key to having a relaxing environment in the busy lives we all lead. Norman offers this, as it is not a harsh lamp which shines in your face, it simply hangs and gives off a cosy vibe which is popular in the dark Scandinavian winters.

Dimensions 25 x 40 cm