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Greenhouse Mini – Ash

Greenhouse Mini – Ash


Greenhouse Mini – Ash is the most stylish, Scandi way of bringing the outside and nature into the home. Scandinavian culture includes nature in many things, and it is never far away, which is where the inspiration for the indoor greenhouse came from.

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Greenhouse Mini – Ash, was designed by a duo who make up Atelier 2+. Worapong Manupipatpong and Ada Chirakranont studied at KMITL in Bangkok and at Konstfack in Stockholm and their designs show that Scandinavian Design is a concept that is not limited by nationality. In their work they seek to erase the boundaries between architecture and furniture, art and design.

A room within a room for nature. Designer duo Atelier 2+ have created a greenhouse that is small enough for indoor use but large enough to house a miniature garden.

The Greenhouse is a design object with artistic ambitions, a sculpture that makes room for nature. Green plants are a neglected area which call for innovative design solutions; precisely what Greenhouse offers. Atelier 2+ place greenery on a pedestal and protect it with glass as the delicate and beautiful item that it deserves to be.

Like many other people who visit Sweden, or who live there for a period, it was nature and the Swedish approach to nature that made the strongest impact on Worapong Manupipatpong and Ada Chirakranont. For a duo coming from Bangkok what was most memorable about the years spent in Stockholm was always having nature on one’s doorstep.

“Greenhouse is a product of our stay in Sweden,” Worapong Manupipatpong explains. “When we were living in Sweden we felt the need to get closer to nature and to make room inside our dwelling for the nature that surrounds us.”

“But,” they point out, “perhaps the size of Greenhouse encourages people to create miniature worlds because it is not large enough for people merely to plant just anything in it. It makes demands on the user, perhaps requiring green fingers or the sensitive touch of a sculptor.”

The Atelier 2+ Greenhouse Mini is made from lacquered solid ash timber with panes of toughened glass and a planting tray made of galvanized metal. Available in Ash and Dark Grey.

Product: 48×24×34 cm (19”×9.5”×13.5”)

There is a delivery time of between 2-6 weeks for Greenhouse Mini, please contact us for more information if required.


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