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Ester & Erik Grey Candles

Ester & Erik Grey Candles


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Ester & Erik’s Grey Danish Candle is a staple colour in any Scandinavian home. An all year round colour which mixes with almost any other colour, or adds simplicity on its own. It sits so beautifully with neutrals and also compliments the Light Blue extremely well. They team up to reflect true Scandinavian style.

In Denmark, the lit candle is a gathering point that will create an atmosphere and make any occasion a special one. Owing to the country’s dark winter months, traditions run deep in Denmark when it comes to the craft of high-quality candle-making.

In 1987, Ester and Erik Møller (husband and wife) launched a production of hand-dipped candles. Their vision was to pay tribute to the proud traditions of candle making by creating the finest and most elegant candles for an exclusive and demanding customer segment.

These self-extinguishing candles burn with a beautiful steady flame and are non-drip, provided they aren’t exposed to draft. Conically shaped in the bottom so they fit most candlesticks. Handmade, long, lean and with the thin elegant point that is the ester & erik trademark.

They are 32cm long and will fit any standard 22- 24 mm holder. It is advised to extinguish the candle by pinching the flame rather than blowing it out to avoid damage to the wick, and will help to ensure the candle remains non-drip.

They have an 8 hour burn time.


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