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Scandinavian Products

Scandinavian Products
August 7, 2018 Bess
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Buying Scandinavian products is becoming more and more popular in the UK by the year. There are many reasons for this and it is something that I would personally highly recommend. When I first started working with Scandinavian designers and suppliers I was immediately won over. The design, quality and practicality is above and beyond most other products on the market, and that goes for kitchenware, furniture, blankets and throws to children’s toys.

When you look into the history and background of most Scandi designers you will often find a family has created the brand, and the production processes date back to the very traditional practices that were used by ancestors. This history brings a sense of personality and energy that is vacant in many of todays products that are mass produced with cost-cutting being put at the forefront. This may, and often does, lead to Scandinavian products having a higher cost price, but you will only need to buy that product once (unless it is a candle) because it will surely last you a life time. These Scandinavian homeware items are investments that you will be able to pass down to younger generations, and will almost certainly never fail due to poor quality.




This dedication to high class products lead me to starting Scandi Blomma a few years ago. My business allows me to delve deeper into the ever evolving designs and features that these wonderful companies are producing and I can then pass them onto you, my wonderful customers. It is an exciting world to be a part of and I look forward to the new and inventive ideas come up in the future. You can be sure of it being super stylish and extremely practical though, the Danes and Swedes rarely create items that aren’t useful somehow!

Thank you for reading, my next blog will be up soon, and will have something to do with home offices, as I am currently in the process of upgrading mine for the first time since moving into this house. Exciting stuff!

Bess, Owner of Scandi Blomma. x

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