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OMM Design are the makers or a unique collection of design items. From posters and games to
the letter light box, their products offer a world of fun and imagination.

They say a strong lead word for them is ‘Playfulness’. Even if they have products that you can
classify as toys, they still do not feel that they work with children’s products, but with products that
embrace a childlike design that adults can also buy for themselves and enjoy.
Every product is made with a lot of heart and personal involvement from both OMM and the
designers they work along side. They all love what they do and that shows in the creations they

As a Swedish company, based in Stockholm, the designs and creations often reflect the fun
Scandinavian style, which are appreciated by adults and children all over the world.
Many of the OMM Design products that Scandi Blomma stock are created by Ingela P Arrhenius.
She is a Swedish based illustrator and graphic designer who says she has a naive style and loves
the design from the 50’s and 60’s. After studying advertising and graphic design at an art school in
Sweden, Ingela moved on to set up her own freelance business which as flourished into her
current success. Ingela’s posters and designer toys are popular all around the world and her
passion of retro style is clearly reflected in her work as well as her joy for typography and colour.
Martin Krusche is another designer who creates pieces for OMM Design, including Moon Für Neil
Poster. He is an illustrator and artist who is based in Berlin, Germany. Martin has won many
awards for his work and has also worked with large companies such as Google, Yahoo, Samsung
and many more.

With such talented designers, OMM Design is an obvious choice for Scandi Blomma, as working
with them allows us to bring the best of Scandinavian illustration and design to your homes.