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How to ‘SCANDI’ Your Home…

How to ‘SCANDI’ Your Home…
April 28, 2017 admin
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The Scandinavian style, is a simple and effective look to go for in your home. You can easily incorporate it into any age house, of any size, so you don’t have to own a huge character property, or a brand new penthouse appartment! Which is good news….for me anyway! From an overall perspective, Scandinavian interior can appear to have a monochrome theme, and as a rule of thumb, it is best to stick to the neutral shades to reach your Nordic goal.

Page-1-Image-1Scandinavian interior design is all about chic minimalism, with a monochrome theme. This doesn’t mean you can’t introduce colour, Scandinavian’s favourite accent colour is blue, so it is easy to add these pops of aqua shades. Whether you want to decorate with blue tones or just accessorise with a few soft furnishings, it can near enough have the same effect. There are some really beautiful shades of paint out there which are perfect for either a feature wall or an entire room. If you want to stick to one colour for the whole room, then make sure you pick a light shade of blue, which isn’t too over powering in your room. A shade too dark can become quite daunting when it is finished. Trust me, I made this mistake! Blue is also a great colour to take you through the seasons, as it can take on a fresh, spring feel or mixed with sheepskin and blankets, it can create a warm and cosy atmosphere. When adding strong colours into your room like this, always keep to the same colour family, and make sure the rest of the room is nice and simple. When transforming your home into a Scandi wonderland, bare in mind that if you are using colours like these, try and keep everything else neutral around it. We would suggest white walls, as shown in the image, to ensure that the overall look is still an elegant, simple and attractive one. There are so many wonderful shades of blue out there, so enjoy them and don’t be afraid to mix them together.

Page-1-Image-2The grey wall. The perfect mix of neutral monochrome with the slight touch of colour to add some warmth. It is basically monochrome, dialled back…which is ideal for creating your Scandi interior dream. Although a difficult shade to pick for your home as there are so many with grey paints with hints of blue and green, or even pink in them! But when you get it right your room can look so stylish. Mixed with white skirting and crown moulding (if you have it) it can make your room feel fresh, clean cut and modern. Another wonderful thing about the shade of grey is that it goes with most materials, so you don’t have to worry if you have tiled, wooden or laminate flooring, or furniture. Grey provides an excellent back drop for artwork, photographs or even plants. It is easy on the eye, whist providing a muted feel which helps the room to breathe. If you are going with a grey shade, try and stick to just one. Mix it with white and pops of colour, but avoid other greys in the same room if possible….we don’t encourage the 50 shades 🙂

Page-2-Image-3Mix and Match. The perfect housewife will love a matching set of everything, chairs, curtains, accessories….but the Scandi style is very different. Now, were not saying buy an odd set of curtains for your living room, but if it is modern, chic and well designed, mix it up and you are well on your way. So don’t be afraid to mix up your interior. Whether it is a variety of mugs, dinner plates, dining chairs, or a selection of cushions, be adventurous and explore the neutral shades and contemporary patterns and be inspired by the Scandinavian style. Keep things within the same colour family, and you will be flying into Scandi interior heaven. This also goes when thinking about bedding, you can mix up the colours, with muted tones of grey, pink and even greens, to create a welcoming. cosy and on trend bedroom. Don’t feel you have to stick to what is normal here in the UK, we haven’t always got it right…..and it can always be done better. There is nowhere in the world ahead of the Swedes and Danish for interior and design ideas, so they are a very good choice when finding a nation to gain inspiration from.


Page-2-Image-6Accessorise. The neutral walls and furniture up to this point have been whites and greys. A monochrome sanctuary. This provides the perfect surroundings for some fabulous accessories in your home. If you select the right items to accessorise with, this can be a really simple step to ‘Scandi’ your home. One of my favourite home ways to accessorise the home is to add pops of green with plants, and most importantly, cacti. The cactus family have become very popular in Scandinavia and we can see why! They are striking, edgey, colourful and last a lot longer than a bunch of flowers. It can be alone, or in a group, big or small. All it needs it a little space so you can see it and admire the shape and vibrant colourful boos of green from afar. Graphic calendars are another trend this year. A big, bold monochrome calendar which you can give pride of place to and instantly give your home the Nordic edge. Similar to the appearance of the graphic calendars are the Letter Light Boxes which are going down a storm all over Scandinavia. With the ability to change the letters to make your own words or phrases, it is a really fun, stylish and trendy addition to your home, for not much money! If you are looking for additions to the children’s bedroom or playroom, we have the perfect answer. The Tipi. When you are younger and you scrape together old bed sheets or towels to create a den, never did I imagine such a dream contraption! Easy to assemble, simple to make pretty and ideal for girls or boys. Just throw a few cushions, blankets and soft toys in, drape over a few fairy lights and you are left with the most amazing den. A really beautiful place for your children (and you) to spend time playing, or just relaxing with a favourite book. Finally, while discussing accessories, a really fun way to hang art on the wall and add a touch of Scandi is to use black tape. Save the money on frames, and save your walls from holes! By finding some non permanent black tape, you can make crosses on each corner and there you have another little piece of Nordic style.


Lighting is a very important factor to get right in your home. It often becomes the main focal point in your room if you get it right, so it is something you should spend some time over. In a typical Nordic home, there is often lots of space and natural light, so if this is something you haven’t got in your home then choosing the right lighting will transform your space entirely. Depending on how much you have got going on in your room, a ceiling light and a standing lamp could be ideal. Keep it simple….as with everything. Copper lights are really trendy right now and can create a fun and interesting touch. Angular lines work really well amongst Scandinavian interiors, as the clean-cut edges all work well together. Select a medium size, as when light shades are too big and bulky they can really cut into the space and make your room feel smaller and more cluttered. Scandinavian’s are renowned for using wood in there homes as a soft material to use which also adds warmth and texture, so it is nice to choose a contrasting surface for your lighting. It will make a statement and will draw the eye of all your visitors. We like to use LED large bulbs, which are eco friendly and slightly less glaring than the standard bright white bulbs. These are just a few ideas of how to ‘Scandi’ your home. If you combine them and keep to neutral colours everywhere else then you will be well on your way to creating a Nordic space of your own, and you wont regret it. The atmosphere their style generates is a calm, relaxing one where you can breathe deeply, and destress! It is exactly what we all need after a hard day at the office.

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