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How to Hygge – Top 5 Tips

How to Hygge – Top 5 Tips
July 2, 2018 Bess
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This wonderful Danish word that everyone is now talking about, which cannot be translated into any one English word. A word with so much meaning in which so many people strive to reach.

The Danish are ranked as the happiest people in the world. Taking into consideration the extremely high rainfall statistics and the hours of dark they are plunged into throughout winter, how can this be the case?! Hygge has a lot to answer for…which is why the whole world is now desperately in search of it, so they can make their own lives more ‘hyggelig’.

After studying the word for a brief amount of time, I have come to understand that there are ways of enhancing hygge in your lives, but there isn’t a specific way in which to do this, so I have whittled it down to my top 5.


1. As you can achieve hygge anywhere and with anyone, it is difficult to say this will do the trick on its own, but when you are home, light candles, dim bright lights down, light the fire and make your home cosy. You need to feel relaxed in your environment to reach hygge, whether you are alone  or not. The Danish burn more candles per year than any other nation, so this is one sure step closer to the goal. It has been proven that candles give off a high amount of pollution so when burning candles, try to vent the area a little.


2.  Don’t crowd yourself with lots of people. The Danes say they are most likely to feel hygge in a group of 3-4 people. Choose those closest to you who you are happy around, people who you don’t feel judged by or the need to impress. When you find those core people you can even find hygge just sitting in silence, or listening to music around a fire.

3. As with people, try not to clutter your home and life with unwanted, unneeded items. Try not to jam pack your week with too much which makes you feel stressed, as you will find it much harder to reach the relaxed and happy state of hygge. The Danish have simple, practical and stylish homes, that are filled with top quality products but that will last a lifetime. It is bound to cost more upfront but the effects of having well built, environmentally friendly items are only ever positive.

4. They put family first, and those with children tend to finish work by 4pm most days. Another statistic shows that the Danish meet with friends at a pub or coffee shop at least once a week. Socialising is an important way of life, and they probably find hygge during these times as they will find a cosy pub to sit in and chat with those closest to them, whilst warm and sheltered from the pouring rain outside.


5. During the summer months when the weather is better and you don’t want to spend your time inside with candles lit, make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you have extensive gardens, or a small patio, fill it with plants and comfortable furniture that you can relax on after a hard days work. Lighting is still an important factor as always, so find some outdoor fairy lights or whatever you fancy and get those candles burning in the lanterns…be peaceful and listen to the birds twittering away, and you will reach hyggeelig life.




There is so much to read about on the subject of Hygge, and sometimes when that is the case it can become a little overwhelming. However, when you think about the true meaning, no-one can tell you what to feel for you to reach the goal. You have to be comfortable in your own space, create a zen where you can truly relax and unwind after a long day at work.  Hygge is more about the peaceful happiness you achieve when you are surrounded by a happy, calm and organised environment.  Candles and low lighting will always help with increasing a calming feel. Have a go, it can only be a good thing!


Bess at Scandi Blomma x

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