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How to Dress your Living Room Furniture Scandi Style

How to Dress your Living Room Furniture Scandi Style
June 15, 2017 admin
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Scatter Cushions:

Your sofa is the focal point in your living room. It is what most people see first, what most visitors use first and is the most important piece of furniture your living room will hold. With this in mind, you need to make sure you dress it to impress! We all love cushions, even though most men don’t quite get the infatuation, and the choice of cushions can make or break your room! Firstly, you cannot clash. If you have a colour block sofa, then it is probably best to keep neutral coloured cushions and maybe play around with the textures a little. For example, white faux fur cushion, with white tones of cotton cushions and maybe a wool throw in the mix too.

The original knot cushion by Design House Stockholm, was created by a lady who was in a girl scout and the design derived from her love of knots! It is the most simplistic, yet amazing design for a cushion and is a fabulous talking point for any home. The mix of colours is a testament for using a variety of colours successfully and not only do they look amazing but they are also incredibly comfortable!

If you have space in your living area, then floor cushions are also making a huge come back within the scandi world. Large cushions with a hard wearing base which have understated patterns, and perhaps leather trims or leather handles look wonderful, and give your home a real family feel.

A Statement Rug:

If you looking for a way to gibe your living room a makeover without having to completely renovate, try switching up your rugs. Find something new and fresh with some key design aspects that will turn the look of your room around completely.

There are so many rugs out there to choose from, but you have to select carefully. It is probably the second most important piece in your room, after the sofa. I needs to blend in, whilst adding warmth, comfort and style. So many rugs have patterns, which can look really great, but not always what you are after.

My favourite rug this season is from the Fields collection, again by Design House Stockholm. The colours are divine and would complement many room types and many decoration styles. It is neural yet eye catching and the leather trims add quality and that extra touch! The range also consists of runners and various other sizes and colours, but if you have the room then this 140×240 rug in pink, grey and blue is a star buy!

If you are looking for something a little more muted, then thick pile off white rugs can be a beautiful way to dress your living room floor. They add warmth and give the room a cosy feel which is great in the winter, and they can follow through into summer with the white tones and fresh feel. A popular style in Scandinavia is the white rug with a dark grey diamond pattern running through. This is a beautiful rug and design for any home, so if you are stuck then thats the rug for you!


Coffee Tables:

Most homes (without toddlers) have a coffee table. Some are big heavy pieces which sit in the middle of the room and others maybe more architectural looking and could be placed either side of the sofa. Whatever your preference may be, my number one rule of the coffee table is Do Not Clutter it!!!

A coffee table is the perfect opportunity to add a sense of organised space. You can place an ornament or two on it with maybe a vase, or candle and you are done. No need for remotes and tissues and magazines, followed by chocolates and wrappers from the night before. That will create the centre of your room being a mess and that is not what you want to see when you enter a room.

Personally, I prefer the smaller tables, which don’t take up a lot of room. I like space and feel claustrophobic if there is too much crammed into one space. The geometric tables, or the basic scandi style table with spindle legs are fresh, airy and create a style in the room before you add anything to it.

Another way to work a coffee table into your living room with some Scandi inspiration is to add a pouffe, and find a large tray to sit on top for when you need it to be a table. When you want to put your feet up, just move the tray! More space, practical living and less money on furniture! Win win for everyone.


Dressing your Windows:

With most Scandinavian designs, keep your window dressing neutral and airy. Dark heavy curtains will make your room feel smaller and gloomy even if the light can still enter. If you need to make your room black out, then the way to go would be to have blinds and then light curtains. If the room does not need to be blacked out then don’t, keep in fresh and open and add some shutters or a thin set of curtains for privacy and style.

A pull down blind is a really attractive way to dress a window and often looks good in a stairway or hall. Adding some subtle stripes can be a lovely way to add some pattern without having to commit to anything brash.

If you have a room which has been decorated very plainly and you want to add a pop of colour or pattern then curtains can be a fun way of doing so. I would always stay fairly neutral or choose a pattern with muted colours that wont be over powering in your room. There are some beautiful Scandinavian inspired patterns, such as the triangles, or just a plain curtain which has a subtle colour, such as a blush pink like in the image shown.

Finally, if like me you love the natural lights that come through your windows but struggle with privacy then opt for some white widow shutters. They offer style, light, privacy and you can dress them with curtains too if you want to. Shutters create a real summery feel I think and they also make me feel safe somehow? A great way to dress your window….and you don’t have to struggle with privacy to have them either!


Scandinavian home ware is the up and coming trend and your home can be transformed into a Nordic wonderland so easily with a few of these ideas and tips. If you have shelving in your living room for instance, then clear it off and start again…A shelf isn’t for bits and bobs, it is a display unit and an easy way to bring some Scandi into your room. Add a cactus, and a print or two and leave it at that. Maybe add a wall hanging or art piece around it or even a hanging plant to the side, but don’t over do it or it will just be another surface to clutter.

Wall art is very important, if you want simplicity then search for pieces which are monochrome, or basic. Perhaps a painting or photograph of a leaf, which can add a touch of life to your room. Again, don’t over do and try to avoid any heavy colour which will drain your living space of light.

Candles are a staple accessory in Scandinavia and are found in abundance, but you do need to be careful with them. Find plain, neutral and natural looking candle holders, which add design to your room, and let the candles to the talking. Ester and Erik taper candles come in so many different colours, they can transform your room through each season with the reds, and golds going through to spring colours of muted green and yellows! It really is such an easy way to decorate, and they are practical too! A lot of scented candles are really beautiful but stay away from the potent ones which create an offensive over powering smell in your home!

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