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Happy New Year

Happy New Year
January 20, 2018 admin
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Happy New Year to you all. I hope the first few days have been good. January brings a lot of mixed emotions for me, I am always feeling positive and excited about starting a new year, that same feeling you used to get starting a new school year with fresh shoes and a brand new pencil case filled with new pens! On the other hand, the mass public harp on about ‘dry January’ and how depressing a month it is….well lets not let that get us down. Plus, my birthday is in January so I am going to stay in my positive frame of mind.

Start the year by going for a run, coming home to a cosy home and have that glass of wine if you fancy it. Soak up the last few nights with the Christmas tree glistening away. Then, before the time is up, strip your home of decorations and embrace all the extra space you have again! Have a clean and a tidy and you will feel so much better. New Year, clean tidy house, time to go!

Seeing your home stripped back so drastically (so it feels) makes me see it in a new light again. I went around the whole house pretty much planning what I was going to do this year. Then I had to make a list because I would never remember the extensive amount of jobs I have in mind! A tin of paint is so cheap and can really transform a room and freshen it up beautifully, so I will start in the office, where I currently sit writing to you, unable to avoid looking at the chipped and tired walls.

Top Tip: record all of your ideas and try to organise your year into what needs doing when. I am attempting to spread any costs over the year so it doesn’t all fall into one very expensive month or two!

One of the items on my list consist of finding some fabulous Scandinavian furniture. Dining chairs, a shelving unit for the living room and a new bed frame are all up there on my 2018 purchase list! Ill let you know how I get on. First, I need to source some new and exciting designers and Scandinavian companies who can fill the hole in my dining room….

Design House Stockholm (my all time favourite company) have the infamous Wick Chair that I absolutely adore. Those chairs are definitely up there on my wish list. But I want to make sure they are the right ones to choose. We have recently acquired two beautiful kittens, and as cute and wonderful as they are, they do love to scratch at the moment so I would be terrified that the beautiful wooden legs on the Wick wouldn’t last very long before they were shredded into matchsticks! Maybe a metal leg would be more practical for our mad house.

One week Later……As we come to mid January, my birthday looms ever closer. The 16th is only one week away and I cleverly suggested a dinner party at our house this Saturday. With no real dining chairs to speak of, I am slowly loosing my mind. We currently use some old chairs from a pub that closed down near us a while back. They were originally used for our wedding which was outside in a marquee….the plan was never to bring them inside the house. Oh how my plans work so wonderfully!

Perhaps I will drape them in some Scandi style throws to disguise them and decorate the table so beautifully that no-one will bat an eye lid at the terrible chairs? Now to think of a centre piece and fabulous candle displays. Obviously the only candles that would do the job are the ever fabulous Ester and Erik tapered candles. But which colour? I will be sure to post a photograph of how this pans out! I shall definitely be scouring my Scandi shop, Scandi Blomma, to pick out some favourites. A birthday treat to myself!

Anyway, back to the matter in hand. Making January a great month! Go on the best food shop ever. Take a list which is packed with tonnes of super foods for you to graze on over the next week or so. Plenty of broccoli, avocado, bananas and yogurts. I made my husband buy shed loads of frozen berries so I was prepared for making some delicious smoothies, which I crave so much after a morning run. Lets turn a blind eye to the sugars, its fine! 🙂

Once your home is clean and tidy and your kitchen is bursting with goodness, you are sure to feel so much better. Squeeze in some exercise when you can, eat well and focus on your plans for 2018. Lets make it a good one. But remember to be realistic about your ideas. If you are not then you will just set yourself up for failure and that ultimately doesn’t ever feel good. We all know how fast the years go these days so don’t pack in too much! The key is to enjoy whatever you do. Even if it is a house job, make it fun and smile.

Love your home. Love yourself. Love 2018!

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