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Ester & Erik

Ester & Erik are a family business based in Denmark. Husband and wife, Ester and Erik Møller
launched their business in 1987 and their son, Søren Møller is now part of the venture.
When they started the production of hand-dipped candles, their vision was to pay tribute to the
proud Danish traditions of candle making by creating the finest and most elegant candles for an
exclusive customer.

In Denmark, the lit candle is a gathering point that will create an atmosphere and make any
occasion a special one. Owing to the country’s dark winter months, traditions run deep in Denmark
when it comes to the craft of high-quality candle-making.
Over time, Ester and Erik have refined the traditional techniques and have further developed the
concept. Today, they manufacture candles for candlesticks, cone candles and even square candles
with modern shiny surfaces, such as the mother of pearl or lacquer finishes. They have never
relented when it came to their original arts-and-crafts ambition – to make superior candles, and that
is why we are very proud to be able to stock these beautiful candles.
Ester and Erik’s candles can be found all over the world, in exclusive interior-design shops and at
the most renowned florists. Scandi Blomma aim to source the best products from all over
Scandinavia to bring you the highest quality candles and home ware on the market. Ester and
Erik’s candles are no exception to that.

They believe that their success is owed to the honest and direct business culture on which they
base their enterprise, along with the invariably consistent high quality products that they supply.
This is possible only because of the highly dedicated and skilled staff, who ensure that every Ester
and Erik candle will be beautiful on the outside and strong on the inside.

Scandi Blomma has worked along side Ester and Erik since the launch and we love to be able to
offer you tan amazing collection of candles in such a fabulous array of colours. The tapered
candles that we supply you are all self-extinguishing candles which burn with a beautiful steady
flame and are non-drip, provided they aren’t exposed to a draft. Conically shaped at the bottom so
they fit most candlesticks. They are handmade into a long, lean shape with a thin and elegant
point, which is the Ester and Erik trademark. With 32cm of beautifully made lacquered candle,
you will achieve 8 hours of burn time.

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