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Design House Stockholm

This fabulous company are based in Stockholm, and produce design objects for the home,
including lighting, furniture and kitchenware among others. They are a company who strive to
source new, interesting ideas from all sorts of designers across the world. Design House
Stockholm have a strong Scandinavian style which carries them through trend after trend with
timeless designs and practical products.

design house stockholm

Scandi Blomma has been a proud stockist of Design House Stockholm since we launched, and we
strongly believe that they produce high quality, exciting products which we love to be able to bring
to you. They are always sourcing new designers to bring them fresh ideas and creations, and this
enables them to bring us wonderful Scandi home ware year after year.

Design House Stockholm is a distinguished publisher of design, rather than a conventional
producer, who work with designers in the same way a publisher would with an author. Designers
are invited to bring their own ideas and creations to them, rather than be tasked with specific
products. Some of these ideas are then selected for development and then production. Design
House Stockholm look for products with ingenuity which bring something new to their genre.
As a company that is based in Stockholm, their ambition is to gather a collection of the very best
Scandinavian designs today. They say the term ‘Scandinavian’ refers to a philosophic and
aesthetic perspective, rather than geography and nationality. Some of the designers that have
worked with Design House Stockholm have been French, German, Australian and Chilean, but all
share a similar view on style, quality and initiative Scandinavian style ideas, with a timeless appeal
that outlives temporary trends.

Designers are chosen for their talent and ideas, rather then past experience or success. The ability
to name-drop is not a priority for Design House Stockholm, and this quality enables the best up
and coming designers to share their ideas with the world. It also ensures that designs are chosen
for their uniqueness and practicality rather than for the Designer themselves.

Design House Stockholm is a large and highly successful company which is now found worldwide,
and have stores located in Selfridges London and NK Gothenburg, in Båstad plus two new
franchise stores in Frankfurt and Jönköping. Design House Stockholm’s flagship store is located in
NK Stockholm, and are also represented in New York and across Europe. They are a brand with
great ethics which you can trust to be top end quality and fabulously designed. With over 1000
articles from more than 100 designers, the innovative and creative ideas are always going to be
new, exciting and produced to the highest standards. They are a company to invest and trust in.
If you would like any more information on Design House Stockholm, or any of their products,
please contact us and we will do our best to help in any way we can.

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