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About Scandi Blomma

Welcome to Scandi Blomma, your online Scandinavian shop, which encompasses a wide range of Swedish homewares and Scandinavian design UK. The goal is to bring our Scandinavian online shop to you, to inspire your house interiors with our beautiful, quality products. Scandinavian design UK continues to impress many devotees of Scandinavian homeware, with it’s minimalistic functionality and practicality, and Scandi Blomma aims to reflect the true style of Scandinavian homewares throughout the year.  From the fresh spring colours, to the warm cosy winter blankets, we will brighten your home all year round with these impressive products.

This Scandinavian store is itself inspired by the classic and simplistic trends of Scandi homeware and each nordic company we encounter whilst searching for new house interiors for our Scandinavian shop. It is easy to be inspired by these companies, such as Design House Stockholm, as they are such original, amazing ideas that are always practical. Nearly every Norwegian design shop has something unique that will push us to explore new angles and patterns, whether it is for soft furnishings or Swedish homewares and furniture. When dealing with Scandinavian homewares being different from the run-of-the-mill ‘stuff’ on the high street today, furniture is no different when it comes to, the shapes and textures used are of such quality that only a Nordic company can produce…and you can tell it a mile off!

Scandinavian design UK is quickly becoming the new trend, as house interiors take a turn away from the fuss and frills, and instead become refreshed with the clean-cut, elegant and fresh shapes of Scandinavian homewares. The neutral colours and materials that are used throughout Scandi homeware, can rejuvenate any room in any home, old or new, and our goal is to source the best of the best from every Nordic company and Scandinavian shop that we come across which is worth of the style.

Scandi Blomma, Scandinavian shop, encourages Scandinavian design UK as we are bringing their Nordic shapes and tones to your house interiors here in the UK.  The beauty of our Scandinavian online shop is that we can bring the best of what we find from every Swedish, Finnish and Nordic company to you in the comfort of your own home.

Scandi homeware is so easy to implement into your own house interiors as there are almost no brash or hard-to-match colours or patterns that emerge from any Nordic company. House interiors are becoming more and more important as we become a very house proud nation. We try to keep up with the times and trends but have you ever thought that there may be a trend or style that will not go out of fashion? The Scandinavian people have had the same natural, high quality style in their homes for decades, and scandi homeware is still extremely stylish.

House interiors that reflect Scandinavian design UK ooze the modern fresh look which are easy to accomplish with the help of some Swedish homewares and furniture, from any well to do Nordic company.  Scandi homeware, like the products in our Scandinavian online shop, complement each other well, and are easy to combine. For example, the furniture and soft furnishings are a great match, even though they are sourced from different Scandinavian stores, and this enables an easy and enjoyable experience when shopping in our Scandinavian shop.

Scandi homeware is hard to source in the UK, and is sometimes copied badly, so it is important to finnd a Scandinavian shop which offers Scandinavian design UK to the highest quality and caliber, and we believe that’s what we are best at here. Our Scandinavian shop is filled with Swedish homeware and Scandinavian homeware which are suitable for you to fill your homes with, or allows you to just dabble in the style if you wish.

House interiors are very personal to you, and it is important to make your home a story of you and your family. It takes a lot of work to achieve the perfect home, but a little accessorising here and there will help you get there faster. If you choose to go down the Scandi homeware path early on in your decorating career, you will always manage to find products which last a lifetime in both quality and style. Furniture especially has a timeless feel within Swedish homewares, so make the most of this window into Scandinavian design UK, and see what you can find from our Scandinavian online shop.

The Scandinavian’s are a very stylish and fashionable group, and their homes are no exception. The design and inspiration that you can gain from their work is second to none, and Scandi Blomma aims to reflect that in our Scandinavian shop. There are many house interiors  that can easily be updated and freshened by Scandinavian design UK, as the stimulating engineering that goes into the Scandi homeware and furniture is done with everyone in mind. There is no necessity for a big house, new house or even a house at all as the products adapt to any space. Another reason why Scandinavian homewares are perfect for you, and why our Scandinavian shop is the perfect place for you to start your journey into the style, (or carry on along the elegant path if you have already delved in) is because of the practicality each product brings to your house interiors. Yes some things are mainly to look pretty but be sure to always find a use if you want one! Norwegian design shop and brands do this best…you will be surprised how many products add a little light to your life.

The Nordic company that we first fell in love with was full of bright new ideas that have soon exploded in the retail world and are extremely accessible to the public today, however, it is the up and coming, unique Norwegian design shops that we are always on the hunt for. Something fresh to bring to Scandinavian design UK, set to excite us all.

Scandi living is the idea of bringing the outside in, with neutral coloured backdrops and pops of colour here and there. A sustainable style with natural materials and clean footprints, which only makes Scandinavian homeware even more attractive going into the future. All of our products are of the best quality and that will reflect in your house interiors.

Scandi Blomma is a Scandinavian shop which delivers furniture, kitchen ware, soft furnishings, gifts and much more. The Swedish homewares from our Scandinavian store are able to be delivered all over the world. We take great care in our packaging and posting to insure your products get to you safe and sound.  We value our customers greatly, so any feedback or enquiries are dealt with promptly and efficiently.  All the products you see on our Scandinavian online shop are hand picked from each Nordic company that we love, leaving only the best reaching it to your computers. We feel it is very important not to over load with hundreds of products that aren’t extra special so everything you see here is something we love and would have in our homes too, and we hope you feel the same about Scandinavian design UK after browsing through our Scandinavian shop.